Manufacturing in China

We'll find the best Chinese manufacturer for your product needs.

Manufacturing in China can be tricky. Making sure you find the right manufacturer with a good reputation and on-time service is really tough. Choose the wrong manufacturing partner and you will find yourself losing time and money.

The good news is…

we know and understand the Chinese manufacturing process and have been involved directly and indirectly with factories all over Asia and North America for over 30 years.

We know and understand good methods and quality engineering and we are your eyes and ears when you can’t be at the factory yourself. Unlike other companies, our agents are on the ground, in the Chinese factory checking in on your orders. We watch the workers, give feedback, and keep you up-to-date.

With other companies, they do most of their “checking in” at the factory via email. This undoubtedly results in mistakes that are going to cost you.

Do you really want this happening to you?

We have the experience and the staff to support you and your production requirements. We will be there when you can’t. Let us help you eliminate the risk so you can enjoy the rewards earned by manufacturing in China the right way.

What are the benefits of manufacturing in China?

You are probably choosing to manufacture products in China because you know it can be extremely beneficial and rewarding.

With the right factories and suppliers you can realize a tremendous competitive advantage over your competition.

Most companies choose to manufacture in China because the production cost is lower than manufacturing that same product in the US. While this is great, it is important to make sure quality isn’t being sacrificed - this is where we come in.

Typically a product manufactured in China can be a cost savings of 25% - 30% over the product being produced domestically.

What would a cost savings like that do for your bottom line?

With the right quality assurance in place, and someone managing your timelines, the benefits of manufacturing in China will be apparent.

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How our consultants can help you

Don’t need help with the entire manufacturing process but just want some consultation time with the best in the business?

Your in the right place!

For over 30 years we’ve been consulting with companies to help them understand the chinese manufacturing process, helping companies find factories, and helping them eliminate tariffs and duties.

We can really customize our consulting services to fit your requirements and be available when you need us.

Below are some typical Consulting assignments.

  1. Finding & auditing factories/suppliers per product specifications
  2. Negotiating product pricing, terms and quality.
  3. Product inspection with certification if needed
  4. Establishing HS Codes to minimize or eliminate tariffs or duties
  5. Negotiating freight and terms
  6. Helping with Customs clearance and Customs Broker
  7. Help you with your warehousing/fulfillment needs in North America

With US offices and offices in China, we are ready to answer questions when you need us. Speak French? No problem - we not only have American and Chinese speaking consultants, we also have French Canadians on staff as well.

We might not be the largest offshore manufacturing consultant company in the world but we can usually offer a much better price than the other guys.

What is the process for manufacturing in China?

Most people and companies think the manufacturing process starts in the factory. This isn’t true. The factories will be buying raw materials from sub-suppliers and this is where the ACTUAL manufacturing process begins and where we get involved.

These materials being used for your products will be inspected and qualified by our team at the factory and sub-supplier as needed. Once the raw materials pass inspection, We validate the factory. Our people on the ground will visit the factory to validate any equipment, tools and/or dies used to make the product.

We also look at the factory’s manufacturing process to ensure product quality and timeline needed for a market ready product.

Once we ensure the process is optimized, we move to logistics.

Logistics is just as important as the start of the manufacturing process. If pickups, deliveries, carriers, customs are not nailed down ahead of time you’ll end up paying more than you expected.

With ASC you can rest easy knowing that we are on the job working for you. From start to finish we will be your partners in Chinese manufacturing.

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